Sunday, November 27, 2022

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    Smugglers' Notch

    Niki Ro and I just got back from Smugglers’ Notch in Vermont. The resort was beautiful; my first impression was that we had fallen into Tim Burton’s depiction of Christmas Town in the Nightmare Before Christmas. We had planned on making a video to share with all of our Shark-o-holics, but our GoPro died so we used the camera on my phone instead. The downside is that we didn’t get any video snowboarding or zip lining, we did get a lot of photos, so to make up for it we made sure to capture everything else on video :). Hope you enjoy the video! We definitely recommend Smugglers’ Notch, it made me feel like I was back in college but with way better dorm rooms. The rooms are gorgeous with fireplaces and full kitchens; our room was even stocked with board games. The only advice we have is to make sure you bring towels to the pool and bring food with you because all of the restaurants close at 9 p.m.

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    Shark Diving

    It is almost Shark Week, and this year we wanted to celebrate in a big way. That meant getting blood thirsty sharks painted on my nails and of course diving into the Long Island Aquarium's shark tank. Getting blood thirsty sharks painted on my nails was pretty easy. Now to get into the shark tank. I won't lie, at first I was freaking out; not because of the sharks or anything, but from being put in a cage and submerged in water! So I just tried not to think about it and focused instead on what bikini I should wear and whether my false lashes would stay on under water. Those thoughts pushed the fears right out of my head until I was handed my wet suit, now the bikini choice didn't seem so important; but, at this point I was actually pretty excited about the dive. I suited up and headed toward the cage when my diving instructor, Maggie, saddled me up with twenty pound weights. She said they'd help to keep me grounded in the cage, but I kind of felt like they'd help ground me to the floor right then and there; but I didn't fall over and once we got in the water I realized she was right. Next we got into the cage and Maggie strapped my face mask on, which allowed the two of us to talk to each other (aside from just breathing), and the people outside of the tank would be able to hear us as well! Now we were ready to "swim with the fishes"! Being in the tank with the sharks was surreal. They swam right up to the cage so that I could see eye to eye with them, one of them even gave me a glimpse inside his mouth at his rows of teeth. Maggie told me all about the different sharks that were surrounding us, but wouldn't let me rename the four biggest sharks (of course I wanted to name them Harrison, Orlando, Rob Rush, and Christi; the names just seemed fitting). I was submerged for twenty minutes but I was having so much fun that it felt more like twenty seconds. If you want to see what I saw then check out the video once it's posted; you didn't think I'd go diving with sharks without a GoPro in hand did you? But if you really want to experience it, then you'll have to dive in yourself.

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    Fox News & Fox Business

    So fortunate to appear on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network with some amazing people! Check out all of the clips under the Videos tab :)!

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    Cowboy Mouth in the Studio

    Cowboy Mouth may be Louisiana's sweetheart, but they felt right at home when they rocked the Paramount on June 6th. Before hitting the stage they came to hang out with me in the Studio for an interview; which was one of my favorite interviews. You probably know the band's hit, Jenny Says, but if you want to know who Jenny is and why they're named Cowboy Mouth, then you'll have to check out the interview so Fred LeBlanc can explain it to you. Check out the interview here: After the interview I went to check out the show, and I'm glad I did! Fred LeBlanc definitely beats to the sound of his own drum, literally. As the lead singer/drummer of Cowboy Mouth, Fred LeBlanc takes center stage with his drum kit pushed up front with the guitarists and bassist. Did I mention he took the stage without his shoes? And it wasn't long before he was off the stage and in the crowd. LeBlanc kept the crowd actively involved throughout the show; from calling fans up on stage to play the drums with him, to getting the crowd to chant in unison, Cowboy Mouth knows how to entertain their fans. If you ever get a chance to see Cowboy Mouth, grab some plastic spoons to throw on stage (kind of like the squid for the Detroit Red Wings), and get ready for an experience!

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    Featured Alumni

    Honored to be featured in Hofstra's Alumni Update. See the full story here: Since graduating from Hofstra, Christi Kunzig has become an attorney, a radio personality on 94.3 the Shark, and frequently appears on Fox News Channel and Fox Business. After graduating from Hofstra University School of Law she was admitted to the New York State Bar and worked for a private firm in Huntington, New York. After one year there, she left to become a Deputy County Attorney (DCA) in Nassau County, and is currently serving as Nassau’s lead attorney representing the County in Adult Protective Services and Guardianship matters in the New York Supreme Court of Nassau County. Outside of the legal profession, she is extremely active in the media. During her tenure at Hofstra, she was an Ice Girl and in-stadium announcer for the NHL’s New York Islanders. She currently hosts her own nightly radio show, The Shark After Dark, which airs Mondays through Fridays from 7:00 to l 10:00 PM on 94.3 The Shark. As the host of The Shark After Dark, she is able to bring the audience into the radio studio for a unique experience – broadcasting from The Studio (a radio studio located on street level and encased in glass right next to The Paramount in Huntington). Additionally, Christi frequently appears on Fox News Channel and Fox Business as their “resident Millennial” to provide insight and commentary on a variety of issues concerning millennials; topics vary from politics and the stock market, to the creation of texting-lanes. Among the programs which she has been featured are: Mornings with Maria, Cavuto Coast to Coast, and Your World with Neil Cavuto. Most recently, Christi was selected to the executive board of Nassau County’s 200 Millennial Think Tank, which aims to involve, retain and attract young professionals to Nassau County, and she has been nominated as one of New York Law Journal’s Rising Stars.

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    Reel Big Fish

    Last night all of my dreams came true here at the Paramount! I got to interview my favorite band of all time, who I previously thought had tragically died, and I got to dance on stage with one of my other favorite bands! Not to mention I saw a fan in a full cow suit crowd surf to chants of crowd surf cow; that wasn't necessarily a dream of mine, but it was fun to watch. Reel Big Fish are celebrating their 25th anniversary with an epic tour filled with songs from all of their albums. You can tell how excited I was for the interview because I couldn't keep my hands still, but it was just so great to see how creative Aaron Barrett and Billy Kottage could be when they were put on the spot. Spoiler alert, they performed a saxophone solo without a saxophone, that's true talent. If you haven't seen the interview yet, check it out under VIDEOS! After that interview I didn't think my life could get any better, but once again I was wrong :)! Before the show began I found myself in Suburban Legend's green room telling them about how I saw them two years ago in Brooklyn. They did a cover of Kiss the Girl, and Brian Klemm leaned off stage and gave me a kiss on the cheek. In hindsight I realize he wanted me to sing into the microphone, but at that time I didn't realize that so I gave him my cheek and he gave me a kiss. All in all it worked out pretty well. So this time I asked if we could recreate something to that effect, but I did not expect what actually happened. Vincent Walker decided it would be funny to surprise Klemm on stage, so that's what we did. Before the song started Walker called me out and explained the situation to the crowd and to a very surprised Klemm, who handled the situation perfectly. I got to dance on stage until Klemm kissed the girl!